About Me and this Blog

Hello everyone !

Welcome to my poetryfiction blog, my first steps towards taking writing seriously. I also have a non-fiction blog and you can check that out here: VOICE’nVIEWS

I am Lakshmi Menon from exotic INDIA, a wannabe writer and truant blogger. I like to sign off my posts as ‘Lyrical Self” on this blog as a reminder to myself about my writing aspirations and that they are within reach 🙂

I live in a little town  in South India, that is home to a famous spiritual centre. Some of its ambience may have rubbed on to me, otherwise I’m just an ordinary, practical soul — wanting to make sense of life. Perhaps writing will help me here.

Aren’t words fascinating ?! They not just merely express; they create worlds too.

So anything to do with words and I’m hooked. Crossword puzzles, word games and hmm  . . . . BOOKS — fiction, non-fiction, poetry, et al. On days I have nothing to read, I read the newspaper !! Hence, yes you guessed it, I am a registered bookworm and reading is my favourite pastime; mostly crime and detective by authors like P.D. James, Sue Grafton, Agatha Christie, (rather long list), the occasional John Grisham and Dan Brown, and also Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings types. New Age wisdom that come in so many forms and shapes — Louise Hay, Richard Bach, Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle ( to name a few ) figure in my list as well and of course P.G. Wodehouse, that master writer of the comic and the inventor of a new way to write the English language !! In fact it is ‘Plum’ as PGW is affectionately known to his fans and PD James ( both of whom died after attaining the ripe old age of 90+) who set me thinking on the ‘voice’ of the writer; that distinctive style that sets one apart from the rest.  A long way to go, but well, beginnings are good !

Looking forward to hearing from you, and oh, thanks for dropping by !


1 Comment

  1. Hello! Lakshmi!!!!!,
    Thanks for the like on my post.
    I liked the title lyricalSelf, that suits your name.
    You are right, words are fascinating, they not only express but create worlds.
    To create that world between me and you this very moment; I now have the fascination to follow your blog.
    Shiva Malekopmath

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