Greetings to Writing 201-ers !!

Hey everyone !

Imagine my pleasant shock while idly browsing through WordPress Blogging U homepage and finding therein a mention of this blog SEAMLESS WRITING on what I had commented about Writing 201. See also here at the Last Call that I sadly missed out this time 😦

So to all participants of Writing 201(Poetry) here are some words of encouragement:

To me, this course helped to release some very fossilised poetry cells and out came some palatable verses of different kinds depending on the prompts. Trust me, this course is cunningly devised to help you discover poetry skills you thought you never had. So here’s wishing you ‘all the best’ and I hope the ‘powers that be of this course’, namely Michelle Weber, Ben Huberman et al bring out the next version of it soon. HINT 😉



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  1. Reblogged this on VOICE'nVIEWS and commented:
    Hello all !
    Here is a reblog from my other blog called SEAMLESS WRITING where I dabble in poetry and fiction. Some comments that I had made about the ongoing Writing 201 (Poetry) course found a mention in the WP Blogging homepage to my very pleasant surprise and so here it is 🙂

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