Day Seven: A poem on ‘MONEY’

Day SEVEN: NaPoWriMo 2015

And now our (optional!) prompt: keeping to the theme of poetry’s value, Wallace Stevens famously wrote that “money is a kind of poetry.” So today, I challenge you to write about money! It could be about not having enough, having too much (a nice kind of problem to have), the smell, or feel, or sensory aspects of money. It could also just be a poem about how we decide what has value or worth.

 Money’s Worth

All the wealth in the world

I’d trade,

In a moment, for a life of love;

All earthly treasures

I’d save,

To  exchange for a tryst with love!

Sans love,

Life is a desert vast

No joy, nor that throb of pain;

This life, 

That I live but once,

O fill it with love’s full refrain!

Nothing in this world entices,

Nothing beckons nor redresses

The pangs of the heart, the sighs of the soul,

 ‘Tis love, not lucre  that consoles.

© Lakshmi S. Menon



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