Day Eight: a PALINODE

Day EIGHT: NaPoWriMo 2015

Our poetry resource today is Michelle Detorie’s hilarious #whatshouldwecallpoets tumblr, which provides animated .gifs to express all your most inexpressible poetry-related emotions.

And now, without further ado, our prompt (optional as always) for Day Eight: today I challenge you to write a palinode. And what’s that? It’s a poem in which the poet retracts a statement made in an earlier poem. You could take that route or, if you don’t have an actual poetically-expressed statement you want to retract, maybe you could write a poem in which you explain your reasons for changing your mind about something. It could be anything from how you decided that you like anchovies after all to hocold, wings, soarw you decided that annoying girl was actually cool enough that you married her.

The Quirks in Love

I loved with all my heart and soul

And wept when my love left me cold,

I yearned to have it all come back

My days were bleak, my nights were stark.

New love gave me wings to soar

My heart beats to a different drum roll;

Old love that betrayed, good it left

There’s space in my heart for true love to nest!

© Lakshmi S. Menon




  1. Ish

    wow! good work

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