Day EIGHT: Writing 201

Though running late by two weeks almost, determined to finish the poems set for writing! Too much fun and learning here and well, creativity cannot be rushed. First time in my life, actually loving a series of assignments!

An ode has usually 3 to 5 stanzas (or more), with the structure (the stanza length, metre and the rhyme-scheme), being repeated in each stanza. Ode is an address to someone or something, celebrating their qualities and their emotional connection with the poet.


I feel drawn to thee. O Drawer ancient,

Drawn to open your compartments;

Open to draw out their secret contents,

These compartments of my mental figments!

Yet, I brush past you, careless, unheeding,

And ignore, heartlessly, your silent pleading;

For you carry memories — broken, receding

to visit them now might leave me bleeding.

I see old jottings, forgotten musings,

Musings forgotten, yet effects unceasing,

You contain my past on which, unrelenting

Rests my present and future, gestating.

So open you, I will some day,

To settle finally, what the past has to say,

Drawer, your patience, I know will hold sway,

To help me sift out what keeps me at bay.

Drawer, you represent my sub-conscious mind,

Ever-present, like some background, hind,

Within you perhaps, I will direction find,

So open you I will and my life rewind !

© Lakshmi S. Menon

Poetic devices used here are the Apostrophe, which is addressing the subject of the poem to whom the Ode is dedicated to. Also some ‘chiasmus’ has crept in, which was the poetic device for a sonnet in these series. Happens when poems-in-process overlap !


Please share your thoughts on the above

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