Day SEVEN: Writing 201

Writing the prose-poem was natural and eased the burden of structure ! The theme ‘fingers’ reminded me of my spiritual Master, who while He lived (in India), was constantly engaged in the loving service of souls in different ways — His mere sight used to cure people of ailments, physical and spiritual. Above all, He radiated a pure Love energy that embraced everyone without judgement, while turning their minds and hearts towards the Source within.



Your fingers — warm, loving, embracing — cocoons humanity’s anguish in their tender grasp. They stretch out in ceaseless giving and in an endless succouring; they grasp in their strong hold, those fingers of the beaten and the defeated, those lost young and often the old. Love flows through them, empathy reaching out, and healing takes place, God knows in how many different ways, at how many different levels. I watch — a mute witness — blinking back my tears; I watch in delight as uplifted yearning faces smile and revive. Your fingers — ever busy in weaving myriad destinies, no Sundays, no holidays, no breaks in between — have surely caused a dent in this universe of collective pain. And for this, I remain grateful, now and forever ! Amen.

© Lakshmi S. Menon


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