The theme Trust is one that paradoxically brings forth responses of the opposite — mistrust, broken hearts, pain. Trust is something all human beings look for, dream about — we all yearn for that perfect friend, that elusive soulmate, but life teaches lessons to the contrary, often. To rephrase a popular saying:

You can trust some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time,


all the people some of the time, or all the people all the time !

The heart gets broken in big and small ways, no matter what one’s age or situation is. Yet inspite of the fragility of trust, human beings do not give up or stop seeking for that elusive ‘one’, who will magically always be there ! Perhaps this elusiveness points to the truth to trust in oneself, in that inner strength and beauty rather than seeking it ‘out there’. Surprisingly, when we do this, trustworthy people do turn up ! One of those strange paradoxes of life !

And now after these ‘prosaic’ observations, time to poetically experiment with today’s (actually, day-before-yesterday’s) form, the ACROSTIC and internal rhyme.


To put your belief in someone or something

Raises your hope-level, plus joy it does bring;

Until, events occur and you’re left with no succour,

Slugging it out, your affections laid to rout,

Trust turns to mis-trust and your life-a-sorrowing.

© Lakshmi S. Menon

Here’s another one : sadder and wiser you might say !


Between then and now, oh what a contrast !

Everything changed when she snapped the ‘contract’;

Torrential tears, pain, worry and fears

Raised their ugly heads, filling the heart with dreads.

Always that waiting, with hope undying,

Yet never a response, to the mind’s fragile lingering;

At last the bonds snapped, and in the heart wrapped

Lay lost love recalled, peace and repose at last!

© Lakshmi S. Menon






  1. This quote about betrayal coming from your enemies is so true. Even though it recently happened to me (and has before), it never occurred to me until I saw it in this writing.

    • With ‘enemies’, one expects the worst and we are on our guard. With friends, we relax, we reveal and hence the betrayal can sometimes kill !

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