The task seemed impossible! Have never heard of a ‘concrete poem’ and  ‘enjambment’ sounded like some foreign word, definitely not English ! However thanks to encouragement from sweet fellow-blogger Jennis at Time to Find a Real Job and a reading through of many blog posts on this, here I am with my  attempt at a ‘concrete poem’. Thank you all !

                          A Fish out of Water

                                                                 a fish out of                                                 water
cannot breathe or move,                                  its fins
immobile and its gills struggle for that    life-giving liquid
to be restored to live again. How bizarre this unusual gasping for
breath when all around is air, filled with dynamic oxygen. But no, the
fish out of water dies craving for life,           exactly as sans love,
a human heart dies too, though                      in reality it might
be surrounded with                                                        wealth

© Lakshmi S. Menon

N.B. The words are mine, but the idea for the image is from the net. You can view some fascinating ones here at :

Concrete Poetry Images

P.S. I’m more than sure the ‘fish’ won’t show up when I press ‘publish’ 😦 Anyhow, read the poem with its enjambments (can’t get this word out of my mind !) 😉


  1. Thanks for liking my poem. You have a great blog.

  2. I dropped my words into a paint program, saved it as an image and added the imaged to the post to keep my shape.

    • Thank you for your suggestion ! Shall try this and experiment.

  3. I love the words! Have you tried using the [

    ] tag to preserve the format? I'm so proud of you for giving this a shot!
    • Ugh, that was supposed to say “pre” tag 😛

    • Thank you! Need to re-visit the style editor, looks like !

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